In many immigration cases, time is of the essence.

EB5 Visa Center is a full service organization. We offer Comprehensive Guidance for Complex Matters. Since our staff is in direct contact with you, we understand your immigration and investment needs. As you can see by the full array of services we offer, we can over-come any of your concerns to make the immigration process to America fast and smooth.

Our trained staff is fully knowledgeable about the EB-5 and M-1 Visa processes and can prepare and submit your paperwork immediately. Of course, we work with immigration attorneys when needed or required. In addition our staff here at the EB-5 Visa Center understands both the project and all the requirements laid down by USCIS, giving an immigrant investor the best chance of achieving permanent resident status and enjoying the freedoms and benefits that go with living in the United States.. Our clients appreciate and value our confidentiality.

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