Transferring large amounts of money overseas to the USA can be difficult from many countries. As you begin your immigration process, this is a major factor that can effect your immigration success. Whether for business, friends or family, or buying a property abroad, transferring large sums of foreign currency to exchange into U.S. dollars from abroad needs to be safe and where you need it fast. Our specialists work for you, confidentially.

EB-5 VISA CENTER understands your concerns. That is why, the EB-5 Visa Center has established business relationships with several of the world’s largest financial institutions, serving individuals, small- and middle-market businesses and large corporations. We recognize unique needs for international money transfers in a globalized economy needs ease and efficiency. Our staff make moving money easy and help you access real savings.

Need to talk? When it comes to your money, we understand that sometimes you need reassurance that everything’s on track. That’s why you can talk to one of our currency transfer specialists on the phone 24/7, day and night during your on-boarding process with us.

Real help when you need it and a simple, streamlined digital platform when you don’t.